Sep 4, 2007


Sorry it's taken so long to get this one up. I have had another project to finish up, and it was a pay job, so it took precedence. Rapunzel turned out to be one of my favorites in the series. Painting the hair was a lot of fun.


Beck said...

Poor Rapunzel. It's gotta be a pain to wipe your bum with that much hair.

But I digress. Rapunzel is one of my favorite stories. And now it's a new favorite painting! Hooray! You've made her so pretty (Even if she's blonde. Puh.) I love the flowers. You're my hero, Jeffy.

IcmusIncubus said...

killin me...softly

Nasan Hardcastle said...

Very cool, Jeff!
I like the patterns in her dress and the detail in the bush beside her.

I wouldn't mind seeing a bigger version of this!

Patrick Campbell said...

Jeff I like this composition! Good design and a lot of hair. Man she has got to have a few migraines from that.