Dec 12, 2010


Christmas Card 2010. Trying hard, but not feeling it yet.

Nov 18, 2010

Greek Gods II



Nov 7, 2010

The Miller's Daughter

 This is the last in series I did of the Fairy Tale heroines. I started her the same time I started Briar Rose and Cinderella. I believe that was back in Fall of 07. She has sat on a board for three years, mostly finished. A friend's interest in the series renewed my  desire to complete the detail work, as this Heroine from Rumplestilskin was one of her favorites.
The Miller's Daughter, first placed in the impossible situation of spinning straw into gold, strikes a bargain with a small strange man who demands her first born as payment for his help, with the condition that she is free of the contract if she can guess his name.
The poor girl, now the Queen, is shown holding her child and glancing at the place where the funny little man once stood. Apparently she guessed correctly.

Feb 25, 2010

Anne Bonney

Did this paper doll for a silent auction fund raiser for BBBS.