Jun 28, 2007

Princess Badoura

Another heroine from The 1001 Arabian Nights.. Badoura is brought briefly together with Prince Camaralzman by two Djinn who want to compare the fairest mortals in the world. The Princess and Prince immediately fall in love, but are transported back to their homes, China and Persia, by the Djinn The rest of the story tells of their search to find each other again. In her adventures, Badoura, disguised as a youth, becomes the king of an island. This is how I chose to depict her.


Nasan Hardcastle said...

Jeff, these are really cool!

IcmusIncubus said...

Thanks man.

They have been therapeutic. Any luck on the search?

DonSeeg said...

Jeff. Nice to see your work. They are very well done. Hope you are doing well.